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Assignment: Promote a Product

Your mission is to create a three page web site that promotes a specific product. This web site would be the FIRST place a consumer would visit before deciding to buy the product.

Step 1: Choose a product.
Think about ONE item that will be the focus of your web site. These days, the choices are endless. Your best bet is to choose a product that is available online which will provide you with access to existing resources (images).

NOTE: You don't have to choose an incredibly complicated or well known product-simpler can be better!

Step 2: Research
Look at other web sites that have successfully provided information about some of the most popular products of the last century. Here are some good examples:

www.ronco.com - look at individual products
Zachary's Pizza
Sunday Afternoons Hats
A Treasure Trove - a book

Step 3: Plan- before you fire up Dreamweaver put some thought into your design and goals. Respond to the following questions in an email and send it to rmilstead@tamdistrict.org. Type product promotion in the subject line and include your first and last name.
1) What product will you promote?
2) What is the target audience for your web site? Are they gamers, cyclists, people who buy iPods, or senior citizens?
3) What will you do to increase their interest in your product?
4) What will you include in your web site that will make your product appealing to this particular group?

Step 4: Details
Your web site should include at least these four pages. OF COURSE, you may include more pages.
>home page
>product information page - what does it do, why do you want to buy it, etc.
>product review page - make up fake customer reviews.
>where to buy - include links to actual web sites (amazon.com, bestbuy.com, etc).

Step 5: Create your web site-
1. Create a folder called "product".
2. Create a folder within the product folder called images. Save all of your images in this folder.
3. Save your home page as index. Use one word names for the other pages.
4. Each page should have a complete set of links to the other pages in the site.


Quality use of tables, colors, images, readable text and backgrounds will affect your grade. Files related to this project should follow the guidelines listed in step 5. All links should work. Proofread.

Peer critique- click here