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Creating Image Maps in Dreamweaver

Image maps allow you to make your web page into an interactive experience for the visitor. Follow along.

1. View the image map samples here.

2. Complete this tutorial and watch this 4 minute YouTube tutorial. Watch both before moving on to the assignment.


1. Create a folder in your webdesign folder called imagemaps.

2. Create folder called images in your imagemaps folder. Save your image in this folder.

3. Create a web page with an image that is mapped to at least four separate websites or other images. You can use a road map, satellite map, picture of someone's face, a book- the choice is yours.

Make sure that your page has the following:
>a title.
>four separate hotspots.
>properly labeled image maps (use the Alt field on the image maps window to label the hotspot).
>each link from the hotspot should open in a new window (use Target _blank).

Click here to see a sample of this assignment.