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Photoshop Gallery

Your mission is to create a web page that showcases your use of Photoshop filters. Here is an example of the final product- click here.

There are two parts to this assignment: Photoshop then Dreamweaver.

To begin, create a folder on your I drive called gallery. Within this folder create a new folder called images.

1) Find three different pictures that you would like to work with in Photoshop.

For each picture complete the following steps:
-save the picture into the images folder that you just created.
-open the picture in Photoshop and change the resolution to 72 (click on Image, Image Size-here's how).
- Use the Filters to make some changes to your photo. Enjoy.
-save TWO copies of each modified picture. If your original was called elvis.jpg then save a version as modifiedelvis.jpg. Then go to Image>Image Size and make the picture 100 pixels wide and save this picture as thumbelvis.jpg. Why? Because your website will have a small picture (thumbnail) that visitors will click to view the larger, modifed image. Plus they will be able to view the original image to see the changes that you made using Filters.

So, you have a big and little version of the picture plus the original.

1) Create a file called index in Dreamweaver and save it in your gallery folder.
2) Create a table that looks like this:

click thumbnail to view modified image

small picture here



small picture here



small picture here



effects used:
effects used:
lens flare
effects used:
glowing edges
plastic wrap
click here to view original
click here to view original
click here to view original

3) Insert the small pictures in the table and create a link to the full sized, modified image. Have the full sized image open in a separate window using the _blank command in Dreamweaver. NOTE: you do not have to place the larger images on a separate page. Link directly to the file.
4) Below each image list the effects that you used.
5) Create a link to the original image that opens in a separate window.
6) Give your page an appropriate background color and title.
7) Upload your completed project, including all images, to your atspace.com site. Email me the web address to your gallery when you are done.

See an example of the finished product here!