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Create an email form

Email forms provide a convenient way for website visitors to share information with the website owner. The form gives YOU, the designer, control over exactly what information you want them to share.

HELP SHEET: Creating forms in Dreamweaver

RESOURCE: www.mail-maniac.com


1) Create a folder in your web design folder called forms.

2) Using mail-maniac create a basic form in Dreamweaver.

3) In Dreamweaver, modify your form to collect information from your visitor. You will create a form collecting information from your visitors. Collect whatever information you would like using your form. You must incluide at least three of the Dreamweaver form elements. All elements of your form must be labeled.

4) Create a link on your Bravenet home page to your form. Upload your form and your index page.

5) Test your form!

6) Email a completed form that you received to rod@rodmilstead.com. Type your name and the word FORM in the subject line of your email.