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Flash buttons

Using one (or more) of the following tutorials to create a web page with four buttons. Find the tutorials by clicking here and looking in the flash section..

1. Create FOUR buttons in Flash. Save each one as its own file (button1, button2, etc). Don't worrr about creating links for the buttons- just create the buttons.

2. After you have created your buttons export each one following these steps:

a) From the File menu chose Export Movie.

b) Give your button a name and click Save.

c) Leave the settings in the "Export Flash Player" window as they appear and click OK.

3. Create a web page in Dreamweaver and save it in your web design folder as "flashbuttons".

4. Insert each flash button into a four cell table. The table may be vertical or horizontal.

a) Place the cursor where you want your button to appear.
b) From the top menu bar select Insert and choose Media then Flash.
c) Select your button and click OK.

Points given for: following directions, creating more than one type of button, using a table, using a variety of effects, etc.

Done? Visit http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/default.asp and complete one of the effects tutorials. Add your finished Flash movie to your webpage.