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Fireworks CS3 Introduction

This project serves as your introduction to Fireworks CS3. By the time you are done you will have completed a sample site that looks like this one (click for example) and one of your own.

Begin by creating a folder in your web design folder call "clouds". Save this image (follow the link) into that folder.

Now watch the Fireworks intro video tutorial linked here. If you have difficulty watching the tutorial try another browser. You can located Fireworks CS3 in the Web Design program group-->Adobe Master Collection CS3. It is in the same location as Dreamweaver.

After you have completed the video tutorial and sample web layout for Cloud Records it's time to make your own. The criteria for this web site are as follows:

-it must be created in Fireworks
-an image from the Internet
-three buttons with text on each button
-a filter effect applied to each button
-a text placeholder (like a rounded rectangle) with sample text inside.

By the end of class you should have:
-viewed the Fireworks video tutorial
-completed the Cloud Records web layout
-completed a web layout of your own creation using Fireworks CS3

Note that the Cloud Records web layout will be used in class next week.