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Code Lifter

As a web designer, you will often work with clients who bring web sites to you and say, "I want mine to look like that." or "I want this feature." Then it's up to you to figure out HOW to transfer that feature over to the new site.

That's your mission in this assignment.

Click here for a sample web page.

The client wamts the following links: home, about, contact.

Now, the client wants the same "hover" effect on the menu links but:

-they want the menu on the left instead of the top and the menu should be vertical.
-they want the hover color to be RED. HINT: here are color codes to help you out.
-the background should use this background image: http://www.backgroundcity.com/htmg/g6lt05.html

The client also wants a weather widget at the top of the menu that shows weather for Fairfax. Here's where you can find the weather widget - pick the first one on the list.

The layout will look like this:

weather info here