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Drake Canteen Website

Your mission is to create a website for the Drake Canteen.  All
creations will be submitted to the Canteen staff and they will select
the page that will serve as their website.

Assignment guidelines:
-use Fireworks to create graphic, rollover navigation
-do not use text based menus
-create a Dreamweaver template that will serve as the backbone of your site
-create a sample, web form for food ordering

click here for current menu that you can copy and paste

Here are the ideas that your brainstormed in class that would serve as content for the canteen website:

  • order form for food
    1. tie to id #
    2. cutoff – day before
    3. premade sandwiches
  • suggestion box for entrée ideas
  • add money via credit card
  • menu!!!
  • links to Marin Organic, Farmers Markets
  • discount sign up online
  • order a month ahead
  • coupons
  • pics of the food
  • pics of canteen in action
  • pics/bio of canteen staff
  • nutritional info – calories, fat content, etc
  • food allergy info

favorite food (you named them!)

teriyaki chicken
pesto tortellini
cinnamon rolls
breakfast bagel

benefits to eacting at the canteen

save money
save gas
hot food
save time
less chance that they will run out (if you order online)



menus - consider recreating menus in a web-friendly format. These were designed for use in the canteen


order form

rounded edge to image
rollover menu