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Under Construction

Any good web design resource will tell you why "Under Construction" pages are bad practice. Why go to the trouble of making this kind of page when you could just post the real thing instead? "Under Construction" pages become more of an eyesore when they stay in place for an eternity. They are to be avoided.

Then again, some rules are meant to be broken.

In this assignment you will create an "Under Construction" page for your bravenet.com account. This will test your site's FTP settings and your ability to move files to bravenet. Here's a sample: rpm2006.bravehost.com.

The location of this file on your I drive is CRITICAL. It must be at the top level of the folder that contains all of your web design work. If you have carefully followed the instructions for each assignment then you will be in good shape.

1. Create your under construction page in ImageReady, Dreamweaver or whatever makes you happy.

2. Add at least one image to the page.

3. Save the page in your web design folder as index. Do not save it in any other folders. Trust me.

4. Upload your file to bravenet. You may have to delete the existing index file before this will work.

5. Test your site to make sure that your new page appears on your bravenet page. Be happy.