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Bravenet free web-hosting

If you are in web design and using bravenet.com be aware of the following:

  • all data hosted on bravenet.com during the course of Web Design class must adhere to the district's computer use policy (PDF document).
  • all data hosted on bravenet.com is subject to the bravenet.com use policy.
    do not post material or link to a site containing data that is harassing, violent, threatening, offensive or obsene from your bravenet.com site.
  • do not link to any other site of your own creation without the teacher's permission.
  • post only items related to assignments created in Web Design class.
  • failure to abide by these policies may result in loss of computer access and/or a reduced grade in the class.

Why are we using Bravenet?

Bravenet is a free hosting service that provides users with an FTP accessible web hosting account. You can create folders, move files around and upload easily.

But I hate the ads.

Bravenet is free. The price that we pay is allowing ads on our site so we have to live with it. The company hopes that you will upgrade to a paid, ad-free account. If you wish to pay for hosting there are better providers. Ask me.

Creating your site on Bravenet

When you are down you will have your own site with a url like this: rpm2008.bravehost.com.

1. Visit the bravenet.com bravenet.com signup page.

2. Create your account and fill in all the blanks. Submit.

3. Check your email to receive your TEMPORARY password.

4. Login to bravenet and change the temporary password to one that you will use. Don't tell anyone your password.

5. Click the MANAGE HOSTING button to create your URL. Your subdomain name should be your initials followed by 2008- like this: rpm2008. Show me your subdomain choice before you click submit. Otherwise, you will have to do it all over again. This name cannot be changed after you have made your selection.