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Final Exam-Website Redesign

Your missions is to revitalize the DHS Bike to School website. The goal of this website is to encourage Drake students to bike to school. YOUR GOAL is to modernize the site with quality colors, multiple pages and appropriate graphics.

Begin by creating a folder on your H drive called "(yourname) biketoschool") in your webdesign folder. Like this milsteadbiketoschool. Your last step will be to copy this entire folder to the N drive, Web Design, 2011 Spring, biketoschoo folder.

View the current site here.

Do the following

-start fresh - do not simply copy the existing site.

-replace the map with a new one (with what? a Google map? your own map?). Choose one that will encourage people to ride to school.

-give the site a modern look with easy navigation, clear text and appropriate images.

-divide the site into multiple pages

-add a common navigation menu to each page

-select a new, fresh color scheme

-you will create a banner or graphic for the new website that focuses on encouraging students to bike to school.

-the text can be copied directly from the current site to your new site. However, feel free to change font, font size and color as needed.

-start fresh with the images.

-your site should make use of tables for a clean layout.

-you may use Dreamweaver, Photoshop and/or Fireworks to create the new site.

-your site should be properly organized with folders and web-ready filenames.

-you may use any resource available online to complete this project.

-create and save your redesigned website in a folder named "(yourname) biketoschool") in your webdesign folder.

-copy YOUR folder to the N drive, Web Design, 2011 Spring, biketoschool folder. That's it!!