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Managing your atspace.com account

1. Login to atspace.com. If you have forgotten your username or password click on the Lost Password link and follow the directions. You will have to check your email to get the info that atspace.com sends to you.

2. Choose File Manager on the Control Panel.

3. Click on your domain name.

4. To create a new directory (folder) enter the name in the field and click on Make Directory.

5. To delete a file or folder check the box next to the name and click the Delete/File Folder button.

6. To upload files (post them on the Internet) click on the browse button and locate the desired file. You can upload files at one time into the same directory. Click the Upload Files button to upload.

File uploading details:

  • you can only upload to one directory at a time. Open the directory FIRST and then upload.
  • file/folder locations in atspace must match those on your on your I drive. So, if you have a picture of a dog in your images folder on your I drive then you have to put that dog picture in an images folder on your atspace.com server.
  • file and folder names must match as well. If you call the folder "scripts" on your I drive then call it scripts on atspace.com.
  • file size is limited to 200kb. This is a pretty big file (the file that you reading right now is 4kb plus another 59 kb for the two pictures).