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Web Design 1

Dream Vacation
Dream Vacation Part 2
Web design critique

Image Maps
Navigation assignment
Practice Page
A Simple Page
First Page
Sample Graphics and Text
Rebuild with tables
Product Promotion
Fireworks CS3 Intro NEW
Space on the web
Upload scripts files
Your homepage
prep: Rollover buttons not for CS
prep: Imageready slices not for CS
prep: Rain Effect in Photoshop CS
prep: 3d ball in Photoshop CS
prep: Shape your text in Photoshop CS
prep: Web banner in Photoshop CS
Imageready CS Remote Rollovers
Web page in Photoshop
Bravenet- signup
Bravenet- FTP
Under Construction
Your Choice
Slice and Dice
Web Widgets
Create a form

Web Design Redesign
Video-A Day in YOUR Life
Add Video to Your Webpage
Video Promotion
A Day in Your Life
Teacher Web Site Evaluation
Peer Critique
Flash Buttons
Teacher Web Site
Final Project

Web Design 2 and 3

Drake Canteen Website
Embedding content
CS3 Video Tutorials
CSS Intro and Tutorials
CSS Video Tutorials- scroll down to section D
DW 2004: Page Properties and CSS - scroll down to section two
DW 2004: CSS Layouts
-scroll down to section six
Create a Mouse-Over Menu
Control Browser Attributes in DreamWeaver
Flash Fish
Video based Flash Tutorials

Your Flash Buttons
Create a Flash based site
Flash web page elements

Give your visitors control
Annoy your visitors

Code Lifter

Virtual Tour

Bravenet- signup
Bravenet- FTP
Under Construction

Drake News

Create a form

Help San Anselmo
San Anselmo goes mobile
Video-A Day in YOUR Life
Add Video to Your Webpage
Video Promotion

Grad Night

Final project


Image Maps
Create a popup window
More Dreamweaver popups
Using atspace.com
Disjointed rollovers
Animated gifs
Creating online forms
Show IM status
Five Dreamweaver Tutorials
Navigation types- Dreamweaver and scripts

student work
from good websites
from bad websites

Web Video
Video Basics
Copyright Friendly Resources