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Computer Shopping

Your mission is to shop for two computers. You will use the Internet for as your shopping resource. Print out the information for each computer. Who knows-you might take this home and help the family to really shop.

Computer #1 is your budget computer. This computer will allow you to connect to the Internet and happily word process. Spend no more than $650.

Computer #2 is your dream computer. Everything you could possibly want. Maybe it is a laptop-maybe you will create the ultimate gaming machine. Make sure that this machine has enough power and capacity to keep you happy. Money is not an object-spend as much as your want.

Part 1
Create an Excel spreadsheet with each computer in a separate column. Use your formatting skills to insure that your spreadsheet is clear and easy to read.

Make the following items your row headings:
-company name
-model of computer
-processor type
-processor speed in gigahertz
-operating system
-hard drive size in gigabytes
-monitor size
-amount of RAM in megabytes or gigabytes
-CD burner (yes/no)
-DVD burner (yes/no)
-DVD (yes/no)
-what's the best feature of this computer?
-URL of the website where you shopped

At the bottom of each list of specifications, write the best feature or use for this computer.

Using your spreadsheet, record the data for Computer 1 and Computer 2. Place a photo of each computer next to its data. HINT- in Excel, go to the Insert menu and choose Picture, From File. Then locate the picture.

View a sample here.

Part 2
Create three bar graphs that compares the following items:

Graph 1-Price comparison-include company and model name of each computer.
Graph 2-Speed Comparison-compare processor speeds-include company and model name of each computer.
Graph 3-Hard drive comparison-compare the size in gigabytes of each computer's hard drive. Include company and model name of each computer.

Use your skills to make each easy and interesting to read.

Click here to view a graph sample.

You will hand in:
1) Comparison spreadsheet with data for Computer 1 and Computer 2.
2) Hard copies of each computers specifications from the relevant website.
3) Three graphs described above.



Resources- start with these sites to build the computer of your dreams. Each site will open in a new window.