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musicstheword.wordpress.com – My site is going to be based around music. The site will have posts about upcoming concerts/events, rising artists, hit singles, and the classic artists.

kellansdrums.wordpress.com  – Kellans Drums (kellansdrums.wordpress.com) is about Kellan and things having to do with drums.

rosereviewstunes.wordpress.com – Rose reviews tunes is a blog where I will review all different types of music. If you are interested in discovering new or old music that you have never heard read on!

musicstheword.wordpress.com – My site is going to be based around music. The site will have posts about upcoming concerts/events, rising artists, hit singles, and the classic artists.


thinkdesignmake.wordpress.com – My blog is about the exiting and new developments in computer graphics and in 3D printing.

advancesintechnology.wordpress.com – My blog is about new technology and interesting technology news. It focuses on computer related technology and new products that are introduced to the market. I hope that I can provide interesting topics and information for readers. Thank you.


crazyfreakininventions.wordpress.com – Crazy Freakin Inventions will bring crazy awesome inventions that are innovative, creative or just overall AWESOME. I will bring inventions i have found, created, or found theories of that I think are CRAZY FREAKIN INVENTIONS.


thegamingrepublic.wordpress.com – I post talks about new games and tell people my oppinions about games. I give out infformation that some people may not know. I also give the PC specs to make sure you can run it before you buy it. Also mother stuff.

drgnborn23.wordpress.com – Game reviews, Game pictures, Game tips, game links, Mod reviews, Gaming gear, Events in the gaming world, gaming news, ect.

– My blog is about indie games on the pc and what I think about them. I show new indie games that came out, are coming out soon, or ones that interest me.

leaguenet.wordpress.com – My Blog is about the game league of legends where i will just be going over multiple things about the game.

teengeekinfo.wordpress.com – Geek’s is about all the new tech and new items in the gaming world. More focused on computer parts and League of Legends im making this blog because i love technology.

indiegamegarden.wordpress.com – My blog is about indie games and indie game news i will be reviewing and previewing indie games. indie games are games made by independent companies/people.

minecrafredstoneandbuildings.wordpress.com – i want to create minecraft buildings and art and show images of the building/art i made (i dont have a video capture card so the photos wont be that HD). then i want to create redstone creations and show people how to create them (redstone is super complicated and tricky, thats why i want to show people that dont know how).

bootupgames.wordpress.com – its about gaming. its also about hardware.

women in STEM
stemwoman.wordpress.com – Most people in science, math, technology, and engineering are men, but there are some great women out there too. As more women get into STEM there is becoming more and more inspiration for young women out there to become interested in subjects that are consisting mostly of men.

food, cooking, recipes, restaurant reviews
onegoodbite.wordpress.com – If you’re looking for some great places to eat, then, you’re in luck! One Good Bite (onegoodbite.wordpress.com) is your ticket to finding the best places to eat out. Come with me to explore a variety of restaurants, One Good Bite at a time.

thebestdailyfoods.wordpress.com – My blog is about food, I will post pictures with captions of some of my meals and good food. I will also post recipes of some of my favorite foods.

danielasfood.wordpress.com – I am writing about how food can be delicious but healthy at the same time!

saladsandsmoothies.wordpress.com – My blog talks about diffrent types of healthy smoothies and salads and how to make them!

justf00d.wordpress.com – My blog is going to be about food.

fooddealwithit.wordpress.com – My blog is on the ever after theme it is about food. Its modo is eat food! buy food! make food!. It is called fooddealwithit.

movies & tv
anydaymovies.wordpress.com – Movie and TV reviews is what I made my blog about. You can read on to see movie reviews and TV show reviews. You can also read about the best movies to watch and you can read about the best TV shows to watch.


samsviewreviews.wordpress.com – This blog is about movie reviews, recommendations, and anything related to that.

dessert ideas
yummyinmytummy22.wordpress.com  -I will bake some deserts and see if they turn out good or turn out a disaster… also other yummy desert.


iddigthat.wordpress.com – “I’d Dig That” followers will read about my personal volleyball experience. I will relate school, volleyball on and off the court and social life to show how different and unique every team is.

ashaner23.wordpress.com – My blog consists of updates and info relating to college and NFL football. Breaking News will also be frequent on this website.


packernation12.wordpress.com – this blog is all about the green bay packers and all updates
mynbanewsblog.wordpress.com – NBA news is about the pre-season of the nba, trades that happened during the off season and the latest injury reports.

sfgiants28.wordpress.com – My blog is about the San Francisco Giants. I am posting about various topics, from players, to the team in general. For a great source of sports opinions and news, check out my blog on the San Francisco Giants.

5stadiums.wordpress.com –  My blog is about baseball, basketball, football, and soccer stadiums. There are different categories such as loudest, meanest, and most beautiful. I hope this blog will help people choose where to go based on how beautiful or how loud they are.

blacklineproductions.wordpress.com – a blog on my production group.

allsortsoffootball.wordpress.com – My blog will be giving NFL updates, (Fantasy, injury, etc.). I will also be picking 3 games a week to predict who wins and after I will depict the goods and bads of my predictions.

kicks4thecurious.wordpress.com – In depth style and performance reviews on the newest basketball sneakers.

ski1central.wordpress.com – Includes updates and such on skiing, maybe snowboarding, and/or other winter recreations.

lakersseason.wordpress.com – My blog is about the Lakers 13-14 season. I will be talking about the advances and challenges the Lakers face this year.

speedwalkingfordays.wordpress.com – my blog is about speedwalking.

sportsacrosstheworld.wordpress.com – A view on the coolest and best arenas and stadiums of major league sports around the world.

tapymon.wordpress.com – I am the third best pokemon player in California, and with the new generation coming out I thought now would be the best time to start making a blog about Pokemon. I will give tutorials on competitive play and team synergy, my personal opinion on certain games and game aspects, and competitive plays that are just too good to pass up. I’ll post at least three times a week.

collegefootballwatch.wordpress.com – College football watch (collegefootballwatch.wordpress.org) will follow all the major upsets, injuries, and key plays or players throughout the college football season. Updates will be made on a weekly basis.

allgymnastics.wordpress.com – This blog has everything you could want to know about gymnastics. It includes many things you are likely to find helpful, such as advice to use in the gym, how you can work to become the best athlete possible, tips on how to perform certain tricks, links to great gymnastics floor music, the latest things going on in the gymnastics competition world; including updates on the top athletes, healthy eating choice recommendations, videos and pictures of gymnasts, fitness/conditioning & exercises, and even more. This website is made for gymnasts of all levels and even if you aren’t one, you are still welcome to come and check it out! Let me help you to become the best gymnast that you can, and all you have to do is take a few moments to visit my blog. Thanks!

highschoolgolf.wordpress.com – My blog is about what kids are doing right now for golf.

outdoors and fitness
outdoorinnovation.wordpress.com –  Outdoor innovation is a blog about some of the new technologies that are coming to light within the industry. I will also have posts about new great products that are some of my favorites.

dirtbike123.wordpress.com – my blog is about dirtbikes and dirtbike trails.

usmarinefuture.wordpress.com – Current news of marines, and history.

ourparkparkour.wordpress.com – My blog is going to be me posting about parkour events going on and newa parkour artists and cool videos that i have found.

ski1central.wordpress.com – This blog includes updates on many things related to skiing and snow activities.


shotofkindness.wordpress.com – Take a shot of kindness…literally! Read on for details on how to improve yourself and look towards your inter-compass. This blog will help direct you towards being kind and disconnecting from electronic. Tips on disconnecting from social media and connecting with nature and peers are right here! Make yourself the best you can be.

thatonethingaboutcars.wordpress.com – This blog is about old hot rods I like. This includes restorations people finding a car and just plain cool cars.

carmodels01.wordpress.com – THIS IS ABOUT MODEL CARS.

onlinecarshow.wordpress.com – Online Car Show is a place to read about car reviews, opinions, and the latest news about new cars and car shows. I will review new and popular cars, and I will talk about specs, design, popularity, and how successful I think they will be. I will also talk about whether I like the car or not, and my reasoning behind it. I will also keep you updated on many yearly car shows that occur, and what new vehicles have been announced or unveiled.

shattereddesign.wordpress.com – Shattered Design is a blog about designing clothing, a room, and how to make things to fill your room. In this blog there will be a lot of how to’s and some DIY projects.

photography and art
artinsidethelens.wordpress.com – Art inside the Lens” is a blog based on both photography and art. I will be posting modern art and cool photography that catches my eye.

amazingchalkart.wordpress.com – My blog (amazingchalkart.wordress.com) is about chalk/street art in big cities, and even small towns. I’ve always been interested in chalk art because it looks so 3D. These art pieces have fooled me multiple times because they just look so real and beautiful, and i’m so happy to finally be able to learn about them. I will blog about current and upcoming chalk/street art artists, new art pieces, and any art festivals or events where chalk art will be included. Some of the most amazing art pieces i’ve ever seen are made on the sidewalk with just a few bars of chalk, and an exceptional artist.


photo and video
landscapefilms.wordpress.com – The process of filming a skateboarding video part, and inside the world of a skate filmer/editor.

fashion and cosmetics

atomicgoat.wordpress.com – My blog is about all things obscure and weird.Things such as music, fashion, and movues. My blog will be about whatever I feel like writing about that day really.

asleepinourminds.wordpress.com – This blog focuses on photography and fashion. Come explore.
lifebetweentheseams.wordpress.com – my blog is about life in style and fashion.

fallfashionfinds.wordpress.com – My blog is going to be about… Fashion! I will post pictures of outfits and inspiration! I hope to be posting a few times a week!

lookvsstare.wordpress.com – My blog is about the fashion industry and its models.

braidsfordays.wordpress.com – My blog is about different hairstyles you can easily do on yourself or a friend.

glamourgenius28.wordpress.com – My blog is about beauty and makeup.

youngandconsumed.wordpress.com – Young and Consumed posts about upcoming trends, comments on new looks, and posts pictures showing what drake students are wearing.