2012 Blogs

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Restaurant reviews, food reviews, best places to get cheap food and quick places to eat all for high school students.

Grubmakers brings you all our favorite recipes including ,for only the courageous, recipes of our own to try. You will find seasonal specials and food tastings with guest stars. For all this and more click here.

Good Eats West Marin is all about the great places to eat out in Point Reyes, tamales Bay, Inverness and Marshal. Places to eat on a rainy day, cheap prices, new restaurants and places to eat on the water are all on my site. Photos will be uploaded from the places that i blog about and the address and phone will be connected to all photos that are uploaded.

A food blog, but food that you don’t have to bake. Recipes, and if it tastes good or not.


It’s about all the problems volleyball girl players have.

My blog, RaidersFanCave.wordpress.com is all about the Oakland Raiders. I post all about games, stats, and much much more.



I write all about the packers and this upcoming season at packerlife.wordpress.com. I’m going to write about injuries, trades, free agents, and more.

sfteams gives a re-cap of recent 49er and Giants games and an opinion on the games.

Some of the best players in major league baseball right now and the uprising rookies. Also i will sometimes write about how they compare to some of the best players in the world.

Giants Baseball blog will keep you up to date with scores, trades, postseason watch, and injuries. Follow me to keep up with the Giants


In my blog I’ll be writing about apples products, its users, its competition, and what it’s upcoming phone and other devices are going to be. The blog will also show pictures of apples new products.

My blog is about a video game called dota 2. Dota 2 is apart of a new genre called mobas. I will be comparing other mobas, new characters, competitive games, characters and item changes, and changes from 1 to 2.


Ever feeling dull and bored with your everyday beauty routine? Need something to spice up your makeup, help clear up your acne or need reviews on your favorite new nail polish? In this beauty/overall wellness blog you’ll find all that and much more and its only a click away.

Vintageteens is a blog to help teens find their aesthetic and build an awesome closet without spending too much money. It will have tips on thrift shopping and bargain shopping. It will also provide advice and ideas for for what to buy and where to buy it.

Fashion advice, comments, ideas, and stores just moments away. Hear about what stores are good and cheap and what stores are classy. Listen to my opinion on what the Holly Wood stars wear. Read about how you can change your appearance to look your best. Fashion advice at your finger tips. (http://fashionfrommysisterscloset.wordpress.com/)

Cute nail polish, advise, and cool ideas, and how to keep nails healthy. Find awesome ways to wear cool colors and to do easy but amazing designs. Tips on how to replicate celebrity’s nails and how to keep them looking like you just stepped out of the salon!

My blog is about DIY clothing and fashion trends . I will mostly have how to videos/ instructions and discuss new and upcoming trends. I am open to taking suggestions and trying new stuff.


For my blog i am going to be talking a lot about music. All sorts of music from rap to country to reggae etc. I will be talking about new and upcoming artists and new songs and top hits and more. I will keep you up to date with the music industry and what is going on in the music world.

Providing all the latest news about rap and hip-hop music. Top ten lists including songs, albums, and music videos.

My blog is about all different kinds of music, my opinion on it, and things about music artists. I have youtube videos and song suggestions for every type of music. if you like that stuff then come to my blog.


A site for the photography lover. Tips for better pictures, news and rumors of new products coming out, my personal opinions and reviews, and things from the past and the future. Want to know what new cameras are coming out this month? Its just a click away.


For my blog I am going to be talking about diving in northern California in places like Salt Point and Monterrey. I will also be talking about new gear and my favorite gear, dive spots and my favorite dive spots, beach dives vs. boat dives, dive buddies and diving news and my thoughts on it.

I will go around the Western States, Ski at recognized resorts, and blog about my experience. I will blog about how big the lines are at certain times of the day, food quality, snow quality, and overall what I liked and didn’t like. Click here if you want to get info on the best resorts in Western America.

My blog will be about boating in the bay area. The articles will be in one of these 5 category’s Races, Whats new in the bay, Unique story’s, Headline news and New boats. I will interview people and research boating news.

Best Surfing Places is the BEST place to find good surfing places in North America
and South America. Also a great place to get the low down on the news for the surfing kind.

I am creating a blog about downhill and freeride biking. I will be giving you information on contests teams bikes and much more.

My blog will be focused on finding interesting hiking spots in Marin. I will share the difficulty rating I put on each hike, and any other information that I feel needs to be shared about each location. I will also show different trails that I find fun.


this blog is about just whats in the title movies sports and TV for movies and TV it is mostly just about reviews and for sports it is just talking about things going on in the sports world.

Family Friendly Marin is a place where busy people can find quick things for the family to do. You can access reviews on anything from hikes, parks, restaurants, or even a movie playing in the local theater. You can also have access to recipes that are simple, fast, and healthy.All of this and more is just waiting for you to take a look.

Game Spot News is the perfect place for gamers to come for game reviews, previews,and news of Downloadable Content for almost every game imaginable its easy to use and written by a person you can relate to all this and more is just a click away.

Movies and What not is about, well, movies and TV, and perhaps a little food. It will be mostly reviews, but I will try to have trailers for upcoming movies and TV shows.


Problems people face in high school everyday.

Let’s Get Smiling is a blog dedicated to things that make me happy and will hopefully make you happy too! I post tips and inspirational quotes to help my followers strive to be better, happier people.


Mech suits tech updates, weapon technology reviews, update on mech weapon suits research.