Your blogs


This project is created in collaboration with Chip Boas.  Visit his Latin Jazz blog or his iOS Music Blog.  It’s outstanding.   He’s also a great teacher.

This semester you will each create a blog focused on a specific topic of your choice.  We will setup the blogs together, choosing style, appearance and extras.  You will create regular posts for your blog that will be publicly visible on the web.  Make sure that you protect your privacy and reputation first.  This is NOT an opportunity to write in the sames style, or about the same topics, that you would on your Facebook page.  Leave that on Facebook.

This is your opportunity to build a positive online reputation.  More and more employers and colleges want to see what you have created online and how you have chosen to represent yourself.  This blog will contribute to building an online reputation that you will gladly share with others.



You’ve got your niche, go ahead and set up the blog!

  • Go to using Firefox or Chrome.  Do not use Internet Explorer in the classroom as it will not work fully.
  • It’s a blog hosting site that we’ll be using to host your blogs
  • Press sign-up in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • Enter the necessary info and select “gimme a blog!”
  • You’ll need to confirm your registration via e-mail; if you don’t have an e-mail address, let me know, I’ll help you set it up
  • Enter your profile information
  • This will appear online – I would recommend using a “Writer’s Name” instead of your own.  Consider using your initials.

Once you verify your account, login – this will take you to your dashboard

  • Click on the “Change Theme” button
  • This will take you to a page to choose the theme for your blog – this can be changed later, justs pick one that looks good to you now
  • Go back to your Dashboard and click on “New Post”

Write your first blog post!

  • This first post should introduce yourself with a few background details (don’t get too personal . . .), an introduction of your topic, what your think is important aobut your topic, what you are planning to discuss around your topic, and an invitation for your readers to come back and visit often!
  • Your post should be 300 – 500 words
  • Once you have written your post, click publish
  • Click the “Visit Site” button – this will take you to your blog
  • E-mail Milstead ( with the URL and I’ll check it out!

The Second Post

It’s time to grow your blog.  Revisit the five post ideas that you brainstormed and CHOOSE ONE.  Write about that idea.  Post it.