Planning your PSA

Before you begin drafting a public service announcement (PSA) it is vital that you consider your goals as well as the audience for your PSA.

Here’s my example:

I’m creating a PSA to encourage students to bike to school on National Bike to School Day.  Using the form linked below, I made decisions about who the audience is and what impact the PSA will have on the viewer.  Read on for my responses and then complete the form for yourself.

My PSA planning:

1. What is the focus of your PSA? Include any tag line or call to action phrase that is part of your PSA.

To promote National Bike to School Day, 5/7/2014 and encourage students bike to school on that day .  On this day students should “Choose Freedom. Ride a bike.”

2. Who is the target audience for the PSA? Be specific in your answer. 
examples: voting Americans, people who are unaware of the conflict in (BLANK), people who drink soda, women in high school
Students who travel to school by car, either as driver or passenger.
3. What do you want your viewer to think or feel after viewing your PSA? 
Riding in a car is equal to being trapped in traffic.  Riding a bike is freedom.
4. What do you want your viewer to learn by viewing your PSA? 
That Bike to School day is 5/7/2014 and that there are online resources available to help them bike to school.  “Choose freedom. Ride a bike.”
5. What action do you want your viewer to take after they view your PSA?
To ride their bike to school on 5/7/2014 and/or visit the website for more information and resources.

Now follow the link below and begin your PSA planning.

PSA planning tool