Survey Project

Your mission is to create a survey question that collects at least TWO types of data like

Do you like dogs or cats?

Are you male or female?

click here for a sample

click here for the current 2013 spring surveys

The goals of the projects are:
-to use digital tools to collect survey data
-to use social media to promote a survey
-to use shared spreadsheets to collect, manage and interpret the data
-to use a variety of ways to display the data include traditional charts as well infographics
-to deliver your survey results through live presentation

The completed project will include the following:

1.Choose a partner.
2.Choose a survey.
3.Create a survey form.
4.Record the data from at least 50 people.
5.Enter the data into a Google Spreadsheet.
6.Create charts t to summarize the data.
7.Create one infographic per group member.
8. Present your results to the class.
9. Present your results and analysis in written form.


1. You must survey at least 50 individuals prior to analyzing your data.  The data can be collected by either:
-creating a paper form to use to collect 50 responses OR
-creating an online form (such as a Google form).  This is much easier and you will get more results.

2. Then input the data into a Google docs spreadsheet.

3.  Consider your question so you know what graphs to create. Be creative with your graphs – choose images, colors and backgrounds that are suitable for your survey question and data.  You will create at least THREE graphs like:
>one for the overall total
>one for a data set (males)
>one for a data set (female)

4.You and your partner will create a written analsys that includes:

-a cover sheet
-an explanation of your results and graphs in paragraph from.
-why do you think your results turned out the way that they did?
-a comparison to similar data from a larger group – use the Internet to search for other surveys related to cats vs. dogs or your chosen topic.  Compare your data to the larger survey. Describe why you think that there is a difference/similarity.

5. Each group member will create an infographic that further supports you data.  What’s an infographic?

6. Your final will be to present you data and conclusions to the class.  Standing in front of the class.  With your data and class displayed visually.  Presentations should be between 2 and 5 five minutes and each group member should speak.  Create your presentation in Google Presentation, PowerPoint or Prezi.