Dream Vacation presentation

Your mission is to create a presentation that tells us about your ultimate dream vacation.  Think about traveling anywhere in the world (or off the planet).  All I ask is that you leave the SF Bay Area.  You will use Google Docs presentation to create your work.

Please share your presentation with me at rmilstead@gmail.com.  Set me up so that I can add comments. Click here for a tutorial on sharing in Google Docs.  Here’s how to share your presentation with me in Google Docs.

Keep in mind that you are designing a presentation that is in the style that watched the other day.  Want to see the video again?  Click here.

Be sure to include the following in your presentation:

-your name
-the name of your destination
-images of your destination
-video of your destination
-a map of your destination
-your packing list – how can you show this to us visually?  Do more than just type a list of items.
-links to your hotel/campground/hostel wherever you will stay
-information about HOW you will get there and back home.  What date and time does your plane leave?  When do you come back? here’s a good site for finding airline travel times and tickets
-at least six slides – you most likely need more

Use the following presentation tools
-animations- these control HOW text and images appear on an individual slide. click here to view a tutorial on creating animations
-slide transitions- these control how an entire slide appears in your presentation. click here to view a tutorial on adding transitions