Creating an infographic



What is an infographic?
An infographic is a visually representation of data that is appealing in its design while still accurately portraying the desired data.

For the longer definition of an infographic just click here.

Infographics resources

40 Creative Infographics – infographics gallery – infographics blog – ten tools for infographic creation – recipe for an infographic.

How do you make an infographic?

You could always use a graphic design program like Illustrator or Photoshop.  This will require the most effort and give you the most unique look.

Then there’s a word processing tool.  Sure, why not?  You can use clip art and/or images and combine them on the page.

Another option is the new tool on the block: online infographic creation tools like

Time to make your OWN infographic

First take my transportation survey.

Then take  a look at the results.  Once you have the spreadsheet open click on Form and choose Show Summary of Responses.  This will give you a quick view of the survey results.

Now create an infographic based on the results of the survey.  To get started:

1. Think about what images you want to include.  This survey is about getting to school.  So you would likely include images of bikes, walkers, cars, etc.

2. Pick colors.  Bold and bright work well.

3.  Now to the data.  Keep the data accurate.  How will you show it?  Numbers?  Percentages?