Presentation: Online Reputation Case Studies

Before you begin this assignment please read this brief article on building a positive online reputation.  Then take a look at this graphic that summarizes why your online reputation is so vital to your present and future.

Review the presentation rubric for this assignment.

Want to know more?  Watch the video and you can hear me describe the assignment just for you: Online Reputation Project video.

Choose a partner and find two examples of high school or college students and the impact that their online reputation has had on their lives/future/career choice/college choice. You and your partner will present these two examples to the class.  Your examples might be bloggers,activists, artists or entrepreneurs.  What they will have in common is the use of the web to create and build something for good.

A note about selecting your case studies: look for cases where someone has made choices, decisions or created content that resulted in a positive or negative online reputation.    Don’t consider people who created the platform to build an online reputation- Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, is not a candidate for this project.  Neither is Rebecca Black but not for the same reason.  She exemplifies someone who built her reputation using someone else’s resources (parent’s money) and doesn’t offer any meaningful contribution to the Internet.

15 points: By the end of class on Tuesday, 2/26:

Email to this info.  Put the words ONLINE REPUTATION in the subject line.

-your name and the name of your partner
-links to the two examples of online reputation that you will use in this presentation
-what tool you will use to create this presentation

85 points – the presentation
Find at one success story and tell us:
-what they did online (show examples of blog/videos etc. if available)
-what they are doing now – school, career, with specifics.  Are they still involved in the online world?
-what constructive and positive steps did they take to build and maintain a positive online reputation?  Use this guide to help you to discuss what they did well.
-what digital citizenship guidelines did this person follow?

To get you started, here are some search phrases to use for this assignment:
-high school student online success
-high school student online reputation example
-high school student online activist
-high school student online success story
-replace “high school student” with teenage, teenager or college student and try again

Either find a second example of a positive online reputation or…

If you can’t find two success stories then you may present one failure or online mistake or mistake made by a high school student or young adult as relates to the information they shared online.  Present the following:

-what they did or did not do and the choices that they made.
-show/describe the example
-what digital citizenship guidelines should this person have followed?
-describe the impact that it had on their life/future/career choice/college future
-discuss what this person is doing now.

You and your partner will present these two cases to the class as a live presentation. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Docs presentation or any other type of digital media presentation to support your presentation to the class.  Your presentation should include at least six slides and should be written in your own words.  All sources must be cited in MLA format.  Click here to access help with citations.