Magnetic Lasso: Combining images

This assignment calls upon you to use the magnetic lasso tool to copy and paste one image into another.  Choose at least  two images that don’t go together.  Like a fairy princess in a cattle herd.  Or a unicorn walking down a freeway.

How to do this:

1. Use Google images to find your two pictures.  Use the search tools to find two images that are roughly the same size.  Like two large images.

2. Save both images to your H drive.

3. Open up BOTH files in Photoshop.  I’ll use the example of the unicorn on the freeway; you can use whichever two images that you want. Open up the image of the unicorn first.  Then the image of freeway.

4. Now you have to work with the two files.  Look just below the top menu bar of Photoshop and you will see two tabs.  One for each file.

5. Click on the file tab for the unicorn and use the magnetic lasso tool to cut it out.  After you have cut out the unicorn use Edit>Copy or (control key) CTRL-C to copy it.

6. Now switch to the the freeway images using the tabs at the top of Photoshop.

7. Use Edit>Paste or CTRL-V to paste the unicorn into your freeway photo.

8.  If you want to move your unicorn on the freeway image then use the black arrow (selection tool) on the left hand toolbar to grab that image.

9. To resize the unicorn click on it and then use CTRL-T to resize the image.

10. Save your image as a Photoshop file named like this: yourlastnamecombined.  Example: milsteadcombined.