Custom Layer Masks in Photoshop

Your next Photoshop creation uses the Layer Mask tool combined with your own photographs. Each person will create their own work.

Part one: taking photographs

1. get a partner and a camera and plan your shoot.  Remember that the camera must be still for all shots.  I suggest that you use the self-timer to reduce the amount that the camera will move.

2. figure out where you or you and your group will move between shots.  Rehearse before you shoot.  Plan on having at least three images to use with Layer Masking.

3. take a few sequences of photographs to get it right.  Sometimes the camera moves so be ready and shoot more than you need.

Part two: back in the classroom

1. import the pictures to your H drive and open them all up in Photoshop.

2. use the Layer Mask tool to blend the images.

3.  as you work look for areas like shadows or edges that haven’t been fully brushed in or out.

4. save your work as yourlastnamelayermask like milsteadlayermask.