Great Apps for [blog topic]

For this next post I’d like for each of you to focus on a common theme: apps.

Specifically, apps that relate or are useful to the focus of your blog.  Like:
-a gps app for mountain bikers
-a recipe app for the food blogger
-a restaurant search app for the restaurant reviewer
-a fitness app for the workout blog

Now you don’t have to review the app.  You might not have even used the the app before.  But I will bet that you can find a review created by someone else or on the Android or iTunes app stores.

Here’s a sample post that I put together about a 3d scanning app.  Read it before you start this assignment.

You will notice that I don’t talk much about using the app itself.  That’s ok .  The point of the post is to inform my reader and give them some ideas.  You will also notice that I solicit comments from my readers by asking THEM what ideas they have for using the app in school.

You should include at least two of these things in your post:
-a link to the app itself on the app store ( OR
-a link to another blog post about the app
-a review of the app
-screenshots or images of the app

Then write about how you would, or have used the app, as relates to your topic.  Remember to follow good blogging practice of using capital letters and proofreading.  Make yourself look good!

I look forward to learning about some new apps from all of your posts.