Trick or treating, fall and [your blog topic]

IMG_9810 For this post you will weave the theme of fall or Halloween into your blog.  Seasons are a classic topic for a blog post- you can count on four a year.  What a deal.

How will you focus on fall or Halloween and still stay true to your topic?  Here are some ideas:

  • fashion blogs: what’s happening with fall fashions or color?  How about Halloween costumes?  DIY costumes?
  • outdoor blogs: fall trails, fall gear maintenance, getting ready for the rainy season.
  • food blogs: fall comfort food, homemade Halloween treats, what veggies are coming into season for fall?

Here’s my 3d printing blog post that rolls Halloween right into my blog. 

When you write this blog post remember to include at least two images and write at least 150 words.