Going off topic

99% of your blog posts should be on topic.  Especially when your blog is new and your readership is low, you want to make sure that you stay focused and on topic.  A new visitor might be confused if they see your food blog and you are talking about a new movie (unless it relates to food).

There are good reasons to go off topic.  Global events.  Big news items that impact your readers.  Or something that impacts you that you are willing to share (but keep your privacy in mind).

The destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy is one of those events.  For this blog post you will go off topic and post about the damage caused by Sandy and how your readers can help.

Include in this blog post:

  • tell your readers that you are going off topic.  Explain why.
  • any relevance to your topic (fashion=NYC or food=show a restaurant that opened right after the storm)
  • a picture of the devastation.  Visuals have impact.
  • a link to a charity that they can visit to help out those in need.  Click here for a list of reliable charities.  You can pick one of just link to the list.
  • close by thanking them and telling your readers that you will be back to your regular topic on the next post.

The bottom line: you are using your blog for good by encouraging your readers to spread the word.