The best blog about [your topic] that isn’t mine

This week’s post topic blends posting and commenting.  Read on for the details OR click here to watch the video description. 

Short story: use Google blog search, WordPress search or a regular Google search to find at least two blogs or blog posts that relate to your topic.  These should be written by other bloggers but not someone in the room.  Then you will write good, constructive comments on those posts.  Then you are going to write one blog post for your blog that tells your reader what you liked about this blog OR post and link to them.

The long story: comments are the fuel that keeps many of us blogging.  A genuine comment means that someone read your blog post and took the time to comment and agree OR disagree OR ask a question OR provide a link OR give you a compliment.

Part I Commenting

For guidance on writing a good, useful comment I use Mack Collier’s guide to commenting.  Review this post before your write your first comment.

He discusses what not write and this is worth hearing over and over – no blatant promotion posts.  Don’t be the person who comments “Nice post.” or “great work” just to get a link going back to their own blog.  What a waste of time.

Instead, write something that ADDS to the conversation.  Be genuine.  Pretend that you are having a real conversation with this person about their blog post.  Use that tone in your comment.

1. find two blogs that relate to your niche or focus.  Use Google blog searchWordPress search or a regular Google search.
2. comment on one post per blog.  Make intelligent comments that have value.
3. now go to the blog directory and comment on one of the TREK blogs –  work in your subject area or outside of it.

Save the URL’s of these blogs because you need them for part II of this assignment.  That’s next.  

Part II your blog post

Now that you have commented on two posts it’s time to give them a little attention on your own blog.  This makes your blog a resource for others and also supports the overall blogging community.  Include the following in your blog post for at least two blogs in your focus area:

  • the url of the blog
  • why you liked, agreed, disagreed, or had questions about the post.  Link to the post.  Go for at least two sentences.
  •  an image relevant to your post and topic.   How do I add an image?