what I wish was different about [your topic]

This week’s blog post prompt is all about wishes and dreams.  Not like, “I wish I had a pony” or “I wish my Photoshop of me standing next to (insert questionable celebrity name) would come true”.

The wishes and dreams that you are blogging ab0ut are the kind that blend intelligent opinion with advice. Think about how you would improve something related to your topic.  Or how you think something could be run differently. Make solid recommendations supported by evidence.  Like this example:

My local public library is an amazing place.  I go there almost every weekend.  But there’s always room for improvement and here are my ideas to make the library even more incredible!

1. put in fixed charging stations for USB connected devices.  You can charge me money for this.  I just want to be able to charge my phone.

2. re arrange the self-serve checkout stations.  This is the way to go for many of the library patrons.  But there is a bottle neck when folks are done checking out there pile of books and then juggle them into a stack to carry out.  Put a nice big table between the checkout stations so that we can pack up and not get in the way of the next person

3.  Sell cloth bags to carry our books home.  This is a no brainer.  It will raise money for the library and reduce the number of dropped books.

4. invest in an app so that I can do self-checkout from my phone.  I can just use the camera to scan the barcode and it’s done. This way I can checkout a book as I pull it from the shelf.  No waiting, no lines.

There can be up to 25% rant but no more.  Try to avoid snark on this one and go beyond the easy complaint style post.  This post won’t be a review but more guidance for how you think that something can be done better.

Here’s my post done in this style – What I’m looking for from my next 3d printer.

Ideas for you:

  • why doesn’t (this coach) realize that he needs to take this player off the bench?
  • this camera would be awesome if these three things were changed.
  • these features are what should have been on the Replicator2 3d printer.  Maybe next time?
  • what store owners need to know about teenager shoppers.  Then they will get our money.
  • I’m in high school.  And I eat lunch.  Here’s what changes will get me to buy my lunch from YOU.

What you should include in your wish list post:

  • at least 250 words
  • at least two images
  • a well thought-out post that not only lists your wishes and dreams but also tells the reader WHY your wish would help/improve the product/listen to what you have to say.
  • why you think your ideas are sound.  What’s makes your opinion valuable?