Interesting people in [your topic]

Think about the focus of your topic.  Who are the trendsetters, the innovators, the leaders that are influencing or changing what you write about?

You could choose a designer, a company, a non-profit, a fellow blogger, a musician, a chef, an inventor…whatever or whomever you find intriguing or inspiring.

By the time you have already read this line you may already know exactly who you will blog about.  Read on to the “what you should post” and then get going.

If you aren’t sure about this one then no worries. I was in the same boat trying to put together a post with this theme and stick to my focus of 3d printing.   So off I went to Google.

What are you going to search for?  I went for “3d printing innovators” and started reading.  You have to do that same thing.

You can read my finished post right here.

What should your post include?

  • at least 250 words
  • at least ONE photo of the person/company or product
  • links to their webpage or info about the product
  • what makes them innovative?  Give examples of the current state of the art as well as how these folks are different?
  • what questions do you have about their innovation?