Blog post ideas & Google Keywords

It happens.  Despite having built a solid blog with a focus that works well you have hit the wall.  No post ideas are coming your way.

Google Keywords can save the day.  You will use this tool to find the foundation for your next blog post.

Google Keywords is designed to help people place ads that will generate the best response based on what other people search for using Google.  You will use it find what other people are seeking online and how much competition there is for that search phrase.

Let’s begin

1. Go to Google Keywords.

2. In the word or phrase field type one or more search terms that relate to your blog.  Start general with something like “fashion” or “movies” and then see what develops.

3. Click the blue search button and check out the list of results below.  There are three columns – Competition, Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly searches.

4. Click the column heading for Competition and sort from lowest to highest.  This means that your competition across the web for these is low. Then look for one of these low competition searches with a relatively high Global Monthly Searches.   Example: the search “fashion tv” has low competition but 550,00o searches.  That’s a good choice for a post because there are a decent number of searches and a low number of results that meet the search.

Now for the idea

Give yourself some time to cruise around Google Keywords and see what searches look valuable to you as a blogger.  Then brainstorm about you can use those in a post.  If it’s “fashion tv” then run the search yourself and see what people are looking for.  Use this information as the basis of your post – minimum 250 words and one image.