three things you need to know about [blog topic]

The short story: when you started (cooking, riding, diving, making your own clothes, watching football, etc) what are the three things you wish you had known?  Blog about them in at least 200 words and at least one link per idea to help your visitors.  Choose a good picture or video that relates to your topic and add that in as well.

The long story: if only I had know that a clean bike rides better than an expensive, filthy bike?  Why didn’t someone tell me the secret to leveling the build plate on my 3D printer?  Had I only known the best type of small boat to learn first my love for sailing would have started earlier.

What do you wish that you had known when you started out riding, caring about fashion, buying golf clubs, listening to good music, etc.  That’s the kind of info you should share with your readers.

And a hundred other pieces of advice that you wish that you had.  This week’s blog post is all about sharing your knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for your focus area with your visitors.  You will do them a favor by passing on your solid advice and reinforce what you know about your blog focus.

Good luck blogging and email me if you have questions or need help this week.