How to make a [BLANK]

This week’s blog post documents a process or solution to a problem that is related to your blog topic. This is one of the most powerful types of blog posts because it helps your readers and turns your blog into something very valuable – a resource.

Examples include:

  • how to cook something
  • how to save a fashion disaster
  • how to descend a muddy hill on a bike
  • what to do before you buy a BLANK.
  • what did you do to make something work better?

Here’s the process post that I wrote for my 3d printer blog: Managing 3d printer workflow (how do you keep all the eager users happy?)

It sounds deceptively simple doesn’t it. But to document (write-up) a process well requires that you

1. know what the problem or goal is (how to hit a fast ball, how to make amazing lasagna) AND

2. know WHAT the process involves to solve the problem or reach the goal.

Now it’s time to blog

Start by identifying the problem or goal.  What is is that you want to tell your readers?  Tell them how you discovered the problem and what lead to your solution or process that you are blogging about.

Then consider your audience.  Who are you addressing?  Are they already familiar with your topic or are they beginners?  Do they understand all of the abbreviations, lingo and vocabulary that you get or do they need some explanation as part of your post.

Before you write the post go through the steps or actions of the process in your mind. Think again about your audience.  How basic should you instructions be?  “Grab a wrenchl” or “get a 8mm hex wrench”?  “use a mixing bowl” or “use at least a two quart, glass mixing bowl because this can get messy!”?

Then start your post.  If you think that a STEP 1, STEP 2 list best fits your audience then use that.  Otherwise you can write in paragraphs.  Describe the process.

Last step before you publish: share how you are planning to make your process or solution even better.  What would you do differently?

DONE? Reread your post and think about how you can make it even clearer.

Add at least two of these elements to make your post awesome:

Would bolding or italicizing keywords help them to get the message of your post more easily?

What about images that help explain steps in the process?

Should you color code keywords?

Consider adding links to resources that relate to your blog post, either at the end of the post or links in your sentences.

Your process post should have at least two of the items listed above plus

  • be at least 250 words long
  • be proofread and spell checked
  • be in your own words
  • represent you well