3D printing and [your blog topic]

The post: write a minium 250 word post, including at least one image, describing how 3D printing relates to your blog topic.  You might write about how it is being used now, what amazing DIY projects are out there how experts/researchers might see it used in the future.

The backstory: you’ve heard about 3D printing.  You’ve heard me talk about it endlessly.  There’s a 3D printer in our classroom.

3D printing is the opportunity to apply a trend to your  blog topic.  It’s big and generates attention.  It will likely generate search results that point to your blog.  And 3D printing is being used in many creative and diverse ways so chances are you can find a relationship with your blog topic.

Where to start?  Google “3d printing and (your blog topic).  Read, look, learn. Don’t just grab that first search result.

No luck?  Then you have to use your imagination. Learn a little about 3d printing and imagine how it could be applied to your blog topic.