Last year’s blogs – 2013

Follow this link to add your blog to the class directory. - beautyrush98 is about beauty tips and beauty good beauty products that are easy to get a hold of. - My blog is about Fashion! I will be talking about upcoming fashion trends, my favorite stores, and how to dress for every event. Hope you enjoy! - My blog is going to be about many different types of cars. I will be giving reviews and my opinions on all of the cars I blog about. :) :) :) :) - Reviews of all kinds of movies. - My blog gives opinions and a grade on each movie I see or that is requested. - My blog is based on the newest things in the golf world such as, who’s world number 1, who won last week, and also whats the latest tool in your bag. - Miggys Playlist is a site that I use to share my general analysis on music. Be it indie, pop, or occasionally rap, I i’ll provide reviews and thoughts on all my favorite songs. - My blog will show cute indie clothing and the stores i have found them at. It will also show the websites I love and clothing I have purchased or found on them. - my blog is about lacrosse. all things lacrosse lacrosse gear, lacrosse games, and of course lacrosse players i will also be giving some preseason training advice on how to get ready for the up and coming season - My blog is about the upcoming Americas boat sailing race, along with other tips and stories about sailing! - Dance and photography.