3d printed structure

Today’s project is to use tinkercad.com to create a structure. This can be a house, business, museum, monument, etc.  Here are a couple of things to note:

-look at other tinkercad designs for inspiration BUT make sure that your work is original.
- you are designing the exterior (outside) as well as the interior (inside) of the structure.  Don’t add any furniture.  Just walls, floors, doors, windows, and stairs.
-one wall or side of the structure should be removed so that we can see the inside of the structure.  You may also make the room removable.
-use holes in tinkercad to create at least one door and three windows.
-name your design with your last name and the word structure

-wall and floor thickness should be at least 4mm
-any columns or vertical supports should be at least 6mm in diameter (across)
-the overall width of your structure should be no more than 90mm
-the overall height of your structure should be no more than 90 mm

To submit your project click on this link.  Remember to rename your design and make it public.