3D printing – getting started

We will be using tinkercad.com (see below for the special login link) to create 3D designs to print in our classroom.  Tinkercad has generously given schools access to their 3D design tool at no cost.  Your designs are stored in the cloud (online like in Google Docs) so that you can access them from home or school.

The most important thing to know about using tinkercad: pretend that you are building with blocks.  Stack, smush or group the available  shapes together. The key think in terms of combining shapes to create your design.

Let’s get started

1. If you are using one of the Windows XP machines then make sure that you are using the Chrome browser.  Tinkercad.com will NOT work in the installed versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer.  If you are on one of the Macs then follow the link below and download Chrome if you have problems.  Or ask me.

2. Now for the fun – create your special free account on tinkercad.com by following this link.  Don’t just go to tinkercad.  Trust me.

3. To submit your design for printing follow this link. You will have to copy/paste the URL of you design from tinkercad.  That’s how I will get the file to print.