2014 Fall blog directory

Welcome to the directory of Mr. Milstead’s student blogs.  Browse, comment, follow and enjoy.

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http://greenandgoldweekly.wordpress.com/ Green and Gold Weekly is all about the Oakland Athletics. If you want highlights, player and game analysis, and much more about the A’s, there’s no better place to be.

Theseriesofchampions.wordpress.com The Series of champions will be about the the past World Series and what made each series distinguished from the next.

tennisadvice3.wordpress.com My blog is about tennis techniques such as groundstrokes, footwork/spacing and rules/regulations

NFLposts.wordpress.com NFL posts will keep you updated on all of the recent news around the league, including injuries and each weeks highlights.

runningisstunning.wordpress.com I plan on giving you tip and helpful hints on how to improve you running status and performance. Along with fun trails and new places to explore so you can get out and enjoy the outdoors and running.

majorleagueupdates.wordpress.com This blog focuses on seeing what’s up with updates. This will focus on trade updates, injuries, and many other things.

drakejvsoccer.wordpress.com This blog is all about Sir Francis Drake High School’s junior varsity’s soccer team. If you want all the recaps and highlights of Drake’s JV team this is the spot to be.

mtbikemarin.wordpress.com Mountain biking all around Marin. Fun trails for beginners or people who want a good challenge.

deathbyhills.wordpress.com My blog is going to be about my training regimen for cross-country through out the season.

artofarchery.wordpress.com My blog is about archery. I want to talk about the history, multiple, techniques, types of bows and arrows, gear and equipment and gear and more.

skateboardallday.wordpress.com My personal blog is about skating and videos from skaters that I want to share with others. I will post stuff about what I have done that day if I skated, and I will show skater’s Youtube channels if I think my followers would enjoy their content

ncaafootballwatch.mlblogs.com Ncaa football watch (https://ncaafotballwatch.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.php) is key news about players, schools, and injury’s.

web show

metalgarurumon.wordpress.com my blog is about the popular halo based web show red vs blue


http://movielordreviews.wordpress.com On my personal blog I will be reviewing movies.


Onlyrocking.wordpress.com Posting pictures of bands I like, giving background information and latest news. Most bands will be from the 60’s to 90’s.

songofdaweek.worldpress.com It will give you good music every week. The music type is trap/rap.

trackofdaweek.wordpress.com I am doing this blog because I love music and plenty of others do to. Some people don’t know good music even though they love it so i am trying to help people find music by just going on my blog. Then you can have great music!


braintrick.wordpress.com The Science Behind the Brain (braintrick.wordpress.com) displays and explains optical illusions and how they work. New neurological breakthroughs and discoveries are also discussed. This is a fun and educating site about how your brain works.


Foodyas.wordpress.com food blog based around food in the bay area along with other food related posts. Restaurants, dishes, DIYs, and more!


Internationalroadtrip.wordpress.com My blog, International Road Trip, (internationalroadtrip.wordpress.com) will focus on all the beauty our world has to offer – natural and man-made – and how you can experience it by traveling. I will explore places you can go on vacation to relax, hike, and tour all around the world. Hopefully my blog will inspire you to travel and see what the world outside your hometown has to offer!

mountainbikeridingblog.wordpress.com My personal blog is about mountain biking. It will talk about trails and other events around Marin.


learnmoreaboutscience.wordpress.com Learn More About Science (learnmoreaboutscience.wordpress.com) lists many interesting facts and news about math and science. It also provides tips on how you can get involved with scientific observations at home, such as stargazing. If you want to learn more about math and science and get involved, be sure to keep updated on this blog.

food and cooking

coldbrewcreations.wordpress.com Cold Brew Creations (coldbrewcreations.wordpress.com) documents my successes and failures experimenting with cold brew coffee. I will try different coffee to water ratios, brewing times, different grinds, and different beans.


historicalbattles.wordpress.com My blog is about historical battles throughout history; from Hannibal crossing the Alps to Napoleon at Austerlitz to D-Day.


runecutting.wordpress.com/ Information on runes from the elder Futhark , the magic alphabet of the Vikings. I will document several occult craft projects using the runes.


windsofwinterdiscussion.wordpress.com My blog is a discussion blog on the next Game of Thrones book, the Winds of Winter.


poweredpocket.wordpress.com I love the technology that we can carry everywhere even if its as pointless as a smartwatch (I still love mine). Tech is such a talked about thing in the world so why not criticize it.

fixinganything.wordpress.com In this blog In I will be showing fixes I have done and cool fixes I have found.